The main advantage of the testing procedure is the possibility to evaluate a robot performance prior to trading on a real account. In addition, it takes only forex made simple a few minutes in the tester rather than days, weeks or months needed to test an EA in the real market.

This is an indisputable advantage of the Strategy Tester, but not all of its capabilities. MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester offers several testing modes to achieve the optimal speedquality ratio based on traders needs. "Every tick" is used to ensure the best testing accuracy. Simulated conditions are the most realistic in this mode.

"1 minute OHLC" is introduced for traders who want to test a strategy quickly but also accurately at the same time. Select "Open prices only" if you need very quick and rough estimation based on forex made simple bars open prices. The Strategy Tester is not only used for the testing of the trading robots, but it is also used to solve many mathematical problems involving parameter optimization. In this case trading history is not used and the market environment is not simulated giving way to math calculations forex made simple implemented in the Expert Advisor.

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With stress forex made simple testing, the testing of trading robots can be even more realistic. Random Delay mode simulates network delays when transferring and processing trading requests, as well as delays of requests execution by dealers in real trading. Display of Expert Advisors test results is one of the most notable features of the Strategy Tester. The results are shown in figures displaying an Expert Advisors profit during a test. Additionally, they are also represented by a simple forex made great amount of statistical data including profitloss forex simple made percentage ratio, number of profitableloss-making deals, risk factor, expected payoff and much more. Strategies forex made testing simple results can be presented in charts for more convenient analysis. All performed deals are visualized on a chart, which makes the forex made simple analysis more convenient. The testing process can be slowed down or how to learn forex trading in hindi stopped to observe how trading is performed at any particular time forex made interval simple. The visualization mode allows the trader not only to monitor the trading robots operation in real time, but it additionally allows the testing of custom technical indicators.

The concentration, the obsession, the high standards to achieve the team at Trading Strategy Guides win or lose anything forex made simple because no forex made one simple is willing to do anything. Tops, triple tops or bottoms, or whatever price patterns the basics or the foundation of a Renko process – The process is slow and complex.

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For example, you can evaluate an indicators behavior on historical data before buying it from the Market. Another important utility of the Strategy Tester is the function of optimization, which allows choosing the best input parameters for forex made simple a specific trading robot. For instance, with optimization, you can modify the parameters to achieve maximum profitability and stability, minimum risk and so forth. During the optimization process, one trading robot is tested multiple times with forex made different simple sets of parameters. After the optimization, you can compare the results to select the parameters that provide the best performance for your robot. The number of combinations of forex made simple input parameters in the optimization can be overwhelming: you can have up to hundreds forex made simple or even thousands of such combinations. As a result, the optimization can turn into forex made simple a very extensive process, but still can be forex made simple significantly shortened through the use of genetic algorithms. This feature disables the serial search forex made simple of all combinations of input parameters and forex made simple selects only those that best meet the optimization criteria set. In subsequent phases, the "optimal" combinations are crossed until the best possible result is achieved. The genetic algorithms help to considerably reduce the number of combinations and the total optimization scalper rider ea time. The Strategy Tester provides powerful 2D and 3D tools for visual analysis of optimization results.

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For example, you can analyze correlation of a final result with two parameters in 2D, while 3D allows you to view the entire process forex made simple of the optimal result search during optimization. In addition to the built-in features, you can use custom visualization methods. There is no need to prepare data in some specific way, export it or process in a third-party application. Results can be reviewed during the optimization process. The built-in forward testing option forex tester registration key helps avoid the problem of "over-optimization" or parameter fitting. This option divides the database of currency and stock quotes for optimization into two separate parts. The optimization is performed for the first part, while the second part is used to confirm the obtained results. If a trading robot is equally efficient on scalper gu ea both segments, this is the proof that the trading system has the best parameters, and parameter fitting is practically impossible.

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