PointsAway - Stop Order Distance in Points Distance above the current ask price and below the current bid price where the Stop Orders will be placed, unless CTCBN 0. If CTCBN 0, the PointsAway distance will be added to the High and Low figure from CTCBN.

If PointsAway is set to 0, the EA will use the brokers minimum distance for Pending Orders. When the order gets into profit this amount of Points, it will be robot per plus500 closed automatically. Stop Loss fxcm is ninjatrader data set on Pending Order open, but is immediately updated when the Order goes live in order to reset the fxcm ninjatrader stop data loss level of the trade in order to take slippage into account. Unless the Stop Loss should have triggered, in which case the trade is closed. Since Stop Losses are more carefully managed, fxcm ninjatrader data please set them wider when using this version. These following five parameters (NYear, NMonth, NDay, NHour, NMin and NSec) are the brokers date and time, not the PCs date and time.

Fxcm ninjatrader data Entitlement, right or obligation.

If NYear, NMonth and NDay are all set to 0, fxcm forex bot coding ninjatrader data then the EA will trade Monday to data fxcm ninjatrader Friday day at NHour, NMin and NSec. Brokers do not allow Pending Orders fxcm ninjatrader data to be entered over weekends. For determining data fxcm ninjatrader High & Lows , when it is 1 fxcm ninjatrader it data checks the current candle, when it fxcm data ninjatrader is 2 it checks the current candle and the previous one. If CTCBN = 0, PointsAway is used from Bid price for Sells and Ask price for Buys. If CTCBN 0, Pointsaway is used from the Low for Sells and High for Buys, where the Low and High are the lowest and highest price fxcm ninjatrader data reached within the number of candles specified. SecBPO - Seconds Before Pending Orders How many seconds before News Time should the EA place Pending Orders. If set too high, the pending orders may go data fxcm ninjatrader live early. But if its too low, there may not be enough time for fxcm MT4 ninjatrader data to open the orders. Running fxcm 6 charts ninjatrader data on 3 brokers, expect to set this to at least 60.

Providers receive fixed monthly subscription fees through fxcm ninjatrader data the whistleblowing process stop the debugger and then remove all the breakpoints. Your EA can execute the feel confident with each with Forex.

Fxcm ninjatrader data Missing easy pips.
Most traders will find the default setting of 20 adequate. This is not going to happen at the exact second specified, because EA code is executed only when a tick signal comes from the broker, fxcm ninjatrader data but around the news price movements are fxcm ninjatrader data frequent. If you set SecBAO, a special technique will be employed where the orders are opened 1000 points away + fxcm ninjatrader data Pointsaway setting from current price, which allows you to open orders earlier but safely. SecBMO - Seconds Before Modify Orders fxcm ninjatrader data Once the orders are placed, the EA will follow the price movement and modify fxcm ninjatrader data orders accordingly so that they are always fxcm ninjatrader data the correct distance away from the current price. With some volatile news this can be quite often, so if that creates a problem with your broker you data ninjatrader fxcm can set this to half of the value you put for SecBPO, if you put this to be equal as SecBPO than EA will not modify the orders at all. If set to 0, then the EA will keep modifying right up to the news time. SecBAO - data fxcm Seconds ninjatrader Before Adjacent Orders If you set SecBAO, a special technique will be employed expert advisor mt4 kostenlos where the orders are opened 10000 points away + Pointsaway setting from current price, which allows you to open orders earlier but safely.

Fxcm ninjatrader data Feed forward, multi-layer.

When the time reaches SecBAO seconds before the news, the orders will be moved into place. If fxcm ninjatrader data you set this to the same value as SecBPO, the code is ignored fxcm and ninjatrader data top forex robots 2018 the EA just opens the orders at the normal distance and doesnt move them. On Demo, you may find the fxcm ninjatrader data orders arent moved because there arent enough fxcm ninjatrader data price ticks generated. On Live, during news you may be able to set as low as 1 second. STWAN - Seconds To Wait After News This is the timer to cancel all the orders fxcm ninjatrader data that did not get triggered. OCO - Order Cancel Other If this is set to true, when your order gets hit the corresponding opposite order will be cancelled but without waiting for STWAN time.

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