The function has only one parameter - the index of position in the list of opened positions. Its quite possible, that it will be necessary to change the StopLoss and TakeProfit values of the opened positions, so lets put the TRADE_ACTION_SLTP value to the request.

Next, depending on its direction, positions are divided into long and short ones. For long positions the StopLoss level is determined as follows: If the MA indicator value is higher than opening price of position, the StopLoss value is assumed to melhor robo para be forex gratis equal to the MA indicator value, otherwise the StopLoss value is assumed to be equal to the lev_l variable value. The StopLoss current value for the opened position is determined using the PositionGetDouble function, that has an only one parameter - the identifier of the position property. If the forex trading earn money online StopLoss value isnt defined for opened position (equal to 0), or its higher than it should be - we will modify the values of StopLoss and TakeProfit for this position.

Melhor robo para forex gratis Forex.

If the TakeProfit value isnt defined (equal to 0), or its higher than it should be (higher that the upper line of our indicator) - we will modify the values of StopLoss and TakeProfit for this position. We basic explanation of forex trading have to check the possibility of changing of StopLoss and TakeProfit values. The new value of StopLoss should be lower than current Bid price (at least by the STOP_LEVEL value), the new value of TakeProfit should be greater than current Bid price at least by the STOP_LEVEL value. We have used the normalized difference for compare, because the compared values may differ in last digits because of the inaccuracy, caused by conversion melhor robo para forex gratis of floating point binary numbers of double type into floating point decimal numbers. If it is necessary to change StopLoss or TakeProfit levels for opened position, and new values melhor robo para forex gratis are valid according to trading rules, we melhor robo para forex put gratis the new values of StopLoss and gratis para robo forex melhor TakeProfit into corresponding elements of the structure and call the OrderSend function to send data melhor to robo para forex gratis the trade server.

Profitable trading signals with discover vulnerable political models and weakening trade near D, with a stop loss melhor robo not para forex gratis far above. Execute forex trades trading tools to make more that you always win in each.

Melhor robo para forex gratis Calculation of EMA curves.
The changing of melhor robo para forex gratis StopLoss and TakeProfit values for the short positions is the same. The short positions, compared with longs, are closed by Ask prices, melhor robo para forex gratis so the Ask values will be used for comparison.

If there is an opened position for the current chart - we end the execution of the OnTick function using melhor robo para forex gratis the return operator. Using the OrderGetTicket function we select order for further work with it, and we are saving the order ticket into the ticket variable. This function has melhor robo para forex gratis an only one parameter - index of the order in the list of the opened orders. The OrderGetString function is used to get the name of the symbol. It para robo gratis melhor forex has an only one parameter - the order property identifier. We are comparing the symbol name with the name of the current chart, it allows to select orders just by instrument, on which Expert Advisor is working. The order type is determined by the OrderGetInteger function with corresponding order type identifier. We will separately process Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders. If the current hour is in the range from StartHour to EndHour, melhor robo para forex gratis and the opening price of Buy Stop order doesnt exceed the upper line of the melhor robo para forex gratis indicator, we will modify the opening price and the value of StopLoss level (if necessary), otherwise we delete the order. Next we are determining, is it necessary to modify melhor robo para forex gratis the opening price or StopLoss level for the pending order.

Melhor robo para forex gratis Can.

If the opening price of melhor Buy robo para forex gratis Stop order is lower than it should be or if StopLoss isnt defined or higher, we are putting the TRADE_ACTION_MODIFY value to the request. action element - it means that pending order parameters should be changed. ticket element and send trade request to trade server using the OrderSend function. In comparison we determine the case when opening price forex master levels system is lower than it should be, because the value of spread can forex candlestick strategies be varied, but we dont modify the order after each spread change, it will be set at the highest level, that corresponds to the maximal spread value. Also in comparison we are determining only the case, when the value of StopLoss is higher, than it should be, because the price range may be expanding during the day, and its necessary to move down the value of StopLoss order after the new lows of the price.

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