Like any chart indicator, the tool is best used with other forms of analysis and its performance will surely vary as market conditions change. STC - Schaff Trend Cycle was created by Doug Schaff. STC combines the advantages of trend-following indicators, cyclic and counter-trend oscillators into one single indicator.

Schaff options earnings trading Trend Cycle is not based on Close price (as is the case with other indicators) but its calculation is based on another indicator values. So the technical trader can get Buy and Sell signals excluding many false whipsaws. Moreover STC generates signals soon enough, even before the trend changes. That is trading the earnings options reason why it is considered being one of the best technical analysis indicators ever. Doug Schaff has revealed the secret of STC construction in February 2008. It combines two of the most popular indicators: MACD and Stochastic oscillator. Schaff has realized that MACD is a strong trend-following indicator. It gives us reliable signals about dominant trend on the market and also generates minimum whipsaws.

Trading earnings options Technique is about mission.

On the other side it is also considered to be a lagging indicator, because the signals come a bit later (the moving averages themselves are a bit late and MACD calculation is based on them).

Stochastic oscillator, on the contrary, is known as counter-trend indicator and generates trading signals much sooner. While Stochastic indicates the market (or cycle) tops or bottoms earlier than the MACD does, it also applies that many of those signals are false. That can lead to many trading losses - so the question is how to eliminate them. STC combines these two trading earnings options indicators into a single one. It gives us signals that are clear (without many whipsaws) but most important - signals that come trading earnings options soon enough (even before the trend changes). Combining trading earnings these options advantages into one single indicator is the reason why STC is so popular trading earnings options on fast, dynamic markets like Forex is and why STC also ranks among the leading trading options earnings indicators. Schaff Trend Cycle calculation (formula) explained: 1. Calculate one short and one long exponential trading earnings options moving average - EMA from the Close prices (usually EMA23 and EMA50).

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Calculate %K from the MACD best forex simulator android values (recommended settings are 10 days). To explain the calculation in one sentence – we have just calculated the Stochastic over Stochastic over MACD. The values move forex bot reddit trading earnings options in the interval from 0 to 100 points. In the picture below you can see that the moves of the indicator are really very smooth, compared to other technical trading earnings options oscillators (CCI, IMI, RSI or even TSI). In this example STC indicator has cara membuat ea pisang coklat been set trading earnings options to 15 and 80 (short and long exponential moving average), 10 (days for %K calculation) and 3 (days for %K smoothing).

There options trading earnings are more STC trading strategies a trader can follow. He can trade the crossings of STC with its trigger levels.

The trigger levels or signal lines are usually set to 25 fibo arc ea and 75 points. If the STC values cross 25 level upwards, it is earnings trading options considered as the end of oversold conditions trading earnings options and we can Buy the asset. If earnings options trading the STC values cross 75 level downwards, it is considered being the end of overbought conditions and we can go Short. Sometimes the indicator is set to 3070 or even 4060 trigger levels.

Trading earnings options Use.

It is up to every trader which levels he sets – his decision should be based on the market he follows and the trading strategy he prefers. To eliminate the false signals even more, Doug Schaff suggests going long when the candle following the trigger candle closes above the high of the trigger candle. To go short, the candle following the trigger candle should close below the low of the trigger candle. Trigger candle is being formed trading at earnings options the same time as the STC values rose above 25 or declined below 75 trigger levels. As the STC creates very nice curves, it is not necessary to wait for 2575 crossings. We can also focus just on the rise and fall of the curve. Should the curve fall (or be at the minimum level), its better to choose the short trades (sell the asset). Should it rise (or be at its upper level), its better to prefer the long trades (buy). Very nice signals can also be generated by STC crossings with any chosen trading earnings options Moving average (e. As for the Forex market, the STC is often combined with its 10-day moving average as the signal line.

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